Network Newsletters

Newsletters offering reflections, photos, and updates from our ICDF Networks.

May 2017: Dance for Children (featuring Youth Dance Network)

'God wants to use children. He wants us to release and allow and encourage them to be dynamic little instruments in His Hands.'

April 2017: Academics, Writers and Researchers (AWARe)

'An art-maker may ‘think’ in the medium of her art-making. As a dancer, my thoughts are often experienced in my mind as movements, rather than as words.'

March 2017: Flags & Banners

Reflecting on 'another year filled with dance, flag worship and LIFE itself.'

February 2017: Men in Dance

'This network is for men, not about men.'

January 2017: Fitness, Well-being and Movement Meditation

'We are all about fitness classes that bless us completely – body, soul and spirit!'


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