Board of Reference

What is the 'Board of Reference'?

The Board of Reference of ICDF is composed of people who are key figures in the Christian arts community and who will give reference to the integrity of ICDF's values and practices.

Dr. Colin Harbinson

Dr Colin Harbinson is currently the International Director of StoneWorks, a global arts partnership for cultural reformation and the recovery of the imagination in the life and mission of the Church.

Among the many milestones in his career are:

  • Creator and choreographer of the production Toymaker and Son that has been performed in over 70 countries
  • Winner of numerous awards, including the Golden Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council
  • Founder and President of The International Festival of the Arts
  • Former Dean of Belhaven University School of the Arts, and former Senior Associate for the Arts with the Lausanne Movement

Pastor Tom & Kate Hess

Pastor Tom Hess is the founder of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations where he serves as a pastor and president. He and his wife, Kate work with Jews and Arabs and have kept non-stop 24/7 prayer going for 25 years on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. They bring close to 200 nations to Israel each year. Among other things they organize the yearly All Nations Convocation Jerusalem and the Watchmen's Tour of Israel.

Pastor Ed Lapiz

Pastor Ed Lapiz is the founder and Senior Pastor of Day by Day Ministries, a denominational Evangelical Christian mega-church organisation headquartered in the Philippines with branches in other parts of the world. He is a prolific writer with many publications and shares his messages on many national and regional radio stations as well as the internet. He is also the director of Kaloob, a music and dance ministry that researches, records and redeems indigenous music and dance. Part of his vision is the indigenisation of Christian church liturgy along with the redemption of the arts for use in Christian worship and ministries.

Leen La Rivière (Sir)

Sir Leen La Rivière is married to Ria and they have 3 sons. In 1999, Leen was created a Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau by the Queen of The Netherlands for his lifelong contributions to the sector Arts and Culture of The Netherlands, and in 2014 Leen received the LifeTime Achievement Award of the Christian Music and Media Industry of The Netherlands. In 2018, Leen put his major experiences as an arts leader together to form a Masterclass Cultural Leadership … www.masterclass cultural leadership.EU

Before this, Leen founded and is currently acting president of:

  •  Continental Sound (1970); Chrstian Artists (1980); Continental Ministries (1985)

and also founded:

  • Continental Art Centre (1989); the Christian Artists Trade Union of The Netherlands (1989)

Author of 28 books about the arts, faith, youth, society; conference speaker, coach; produced over 100 albums

Ria La Rivière (Lady)

In 2003, Ria La Rivière (Lady) was honoured by the award of ‘Member of the Order of Oranje-Nassau’ by the Queen of The Netherlands for her contributions to the sector Arts and Culture of the Nation. 

With Leen, Ria co-founded Continental Sound, Christian Artists, Continental Ministries (the European Continentals, Young Continentals, Continental Kids), the Continental Art Centre, and more. Additionally, from 2000 – 2008 Ria had her own boutique shop in fashion and art. 

Author of 6 books, conference speaker, advisor, event volunteer coordinator  

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