International Dance Fellowship of Cuba
Representative: Ailyn Rodriguez Isaac
Start: 2015

Vision / Calling

We wish to honor, glorify, praise and represent God through the movement arts in their diverse manifestations.

We want to work together with the common purpose of bringing more freedom, love and joy to the Body of Christ to encourage the inclusion of various ways of worshipping God that lead us to our transformation by the Holy Spirit into true worshippers | John 4:23-24.

Our vision is:

  • to take the Good News of salvation to the world around us so that deliverance and peace can be experienced by worshipping God through the movement arts.
  • to expand this ministry in our nation as well as to collaborate with brothers and sisters from other nations, and hope to join brothers and sisters from different Christian denominations who love dance as a way of praising God as well as connecting with non-believers who love dance too.
  • to contribute through this beautiful ministry to the revival in our nation providing those people who are tired of being sitting Christians with the opportunity of using their gifts to serve God.

Ailyn Rodriguez Isaac | Cuba

Connecting our faith and calling in movement