ICDF Brazil

International Christian Dance Fellowship of Brazil
Representative: John and Carol Bassi
Start: 2014
Website: www.praiseciadedanca.com.br

Vision / Calling

ICDF Brazil is an interdenominational fellowship that provides support and networking for people involved in Christian/Messianic dance and movement arts.

We encourage and support both the professional and the amateur artist through resources, training, workshops, conferences, books, tapes, videos, newsletters, fellowship and prayer.

ICDF Brazil is an emerging ICDF country.


"Tu mudaste o meu choro em dança alegre, afastaste de mim a tristeza e me cercaste de alegria." | Salmos 30:11 

English translation:

"You have changed my cry to joyful dance, removed my sadness from me, and surrounded me with joy." | Psalm 30:11

Upcoming events

For upcoming events, please contact:

John and Carol Bassi | Brazil

Connecting our faith and calling in movement