ICDF Foundation Movement Workshops

The ICDF Foundation invites you to join their pre-recorded Online Dance Workshops:

A for Alignment | B for Breath | C for Control 

About the workshops

These are the first in a series of dance workshops commissioned by the International Christian Dance Fellowship Foundation (ICDFF). Each workshop explores a movement concept which invites the integration of body, mind, soul, spirit, through learning short dance phrases which culminate in a guided dance.

  • The first workshop explores dynamic and neutral alignment and how the relationship of the skeleton with line of gravity and base of support facilitates freedom of movement and reduces risk of injury.
  • The second workshop explores why the use of breath and correct breathing is important for dancing.
  • The third workshop explores who or what is in control when you dance. The dance phrases have been developed in response to biblical scripture, which is referenced during workshops as dancers move and pray together. Verbal instructions are provided in English.


How to access the workshops

Access the online movement workshops at a time to suit yourself!

Find the videos here:


Full information about the ICDFF Movement Workshops can be found on the ICDF Foundation website.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement