Pioneers in Christian Dance

Randall Bane

Randall Bane (1941-2021) was a professional actor and performance artist who helped pioneer Christian dance and ministries around the world.

Find out about Randall's life, including his instrumental role in the establishment of ICDF, in the following tributes by Mary Jones and others:


Paula Douthett

Paula Douthett (1932-2015) was an important pioneer in sacred dance. She was deeply involved in the development of CDF Australia and ICDF.

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Shona Dunlop McTavish

Shona Dunlop McTavish (1920-2019) made an important contribution to the Christian Dance Fellowship in the early years as a teacher and choreographer at the very first conferences of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Australia and ICDF.

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Rosemary Raw

Rosemary Raw (1939-2012) was a trained dancer who received God's call to worship through dance - an idea she initially thought was quite ridiculous! She worked with ICDF to become the founding National Coordinator of the Christian Dance Fellowship of South Africa.

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