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reACT: Is the Choice Yours?

by Tonia Nifong

A multidisciplinary, redemptive arts project using the arts of contemporary ballet, modern dance and video.

Building bridges for dance through arts-based research

by Lisa Wilson & Ann-Thomas Moffett

A peer-reviewed article which presents arts-based research (ABR) as a useful resource for creating fluid and dialogic spaces between multiple domains of dance knowledge and practices.

African Dance and Social Integration in Britain

by Dr Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor

Dancing in the Creators’ Footsteps: Linking creativity and our life as Christian artists

by Dr Debbie Bright

A paper presented during the 2016 ICDF Gathering in Accra, Ghana.

Dancing the goodness of God: A rainbow of movement aesthetics or a universal representation?

by Lisa Wilson

A paper presented during the 2016 ICDF Gathering in Accra, Ghana.

Recovering and Redeeming our Culture

by Mary Jones

This article considers the relationship between culture and Christian dance.

Conversations on the Frontlines of the Body

by Lucinda Coleman

Coleman, L. (2015). Conversations on the Frontlines of the Body. In C. F. Stock & P. Germain-Thomas (Eds.), Contemporising the Past: Envisaging the Future, refereed proceedings of the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit, Angers, 6–11 July. Retrieved 9 February 2016 from: 

Dance in the Church

by Lucinda Coleman

Originally published in 5 parts for Leaping, a magazine of ICDF Australia.

Exploding the Myth:

Enhancing the expression of faith and spirituality through the study of dance composition in Christian tertiary education

by Lucinda Coleman

Redeeming the Arts

by Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization



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