ICDF Networks Online Conference

Oct16 162021

ICDF Networks Online Conference

An invitation to register for the 

ICDF Networks Online Conference

via Zoom 

The Conference will open with Meet & Greet followed by three workshop sessions

All times are given in UTC

Programme overview

09.15 UTC : Meet and Greet

09.45 UTC : Session 1 - Network for Academics, Writer and Researchers (AWARe)

11.30 UTC:  Session 2 - Network Dance for Children 

13.15 UTC:  Session 3 - Network for Dance Teachers 

14.45 UTC:  Close

Cost: There is no charge for this Conference and delegates can attend as many workshops as they choose

More details

For more information, including links for enquiries: August Newsflash

Registrations: noelfilemon@yahoo.com

Date Saturday, October 16, 2021

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