Publications to Inspire

Dance and Fellowship Musings 1970-2020

by Mary Jones

A book of poetry by ICDF founder Mary Jones.

Prayer Through the Ages

by Mary Jones

A journey of prayer through Christian history, with suggestions for movement.

Praise & Worshippers

by Leen La Rivière

In this book Leen explores what the Bible means by Praise and Worship. It also includes an historical overview of praise and worship in the church and reflects on dance and other art forms in our praise and worship. 

Available as an e-book from www.continentalwebshop.EU 

Leen La Rivière is the author of 28 books about the arts, faith, youth, society; and has produced over 100 albums to inspire. 

Restoring Creation Through the Arts

by Rosalyn Smaill

Reverend Smaill considers the nature and purpose of creation, and our part to play in its restoration.

DA:NCE: Educational or Sexualized?

by Mary Bawden

Founder of Soul to Sole Choreography, Mary Bawden, tackles the sexualisation of dance in this thought-provoking article. Read Mary's call for action and find out how you can get involved in advocating for young dancers.

To the Rhythm of the Father's Heart

by Lilly Rodriguez

National Coordinator for ICDF Puerto Rico, Lilly Rodriguez, shares her passion and her insights for true worship that is obedient to the Father's heart. Discover the worship that conquers His Heart and unleashes His favor.

Currently available in Spanish and English.

Al Ritmo del Corazón del Padre (Spanish edition)

To the Rhythm of the Father's Heart (English edition)

Dance in Outreach

by Mary Jones

Mary Jones, Founder of ICDF, reflects on the role of dance in outreach with examples from around the world.

Prophetic Dance

by Mary Jones

An exploration of the meaning of prophetic dance, with examples from Scripture and contemporary experiences.

In Your Spare Time

by Andy Raine

A reflection on the rewards and challenges of using your spare time in dance and ministry.

Interview with Andy Au

by Andy Raine

Dancer Andy Au talks about stave dancing in this interview by Andy Raine (Network Coordinator for ICDF Men in Dance Network).

Men on the Dance Floor

by Andy Raine

The Network Coordinator for the ICDF Men in Dance Network provides pointers for masculine forms of dance and choreography.

"Come Dance with Me"

by Brian Johnson

In this book, Brian Johnson paints a beautiful picture through well chosen words and humorous illustration of our relationship with Jesus. Likening this to the dance with the goal to stay in step as we respond sensitively and remain connected to the lead given by our dancing partner - in this case, the Lord Jesus.

Orders and enquiries to Brian at with “Come Dance with Me” in the subject line. Books cost £4 (GBP) + p&p. 

From Bondage to Freedom in Dance

by Noël Filemon

Noël's personal testimony of finding freedom through dance is accompanied by a helpful outline of Jewish and Biblical understandings of dance. Available in Dutch and English.

Orders and enquiries to D A Bright (Publisher), 21 Ridout Street, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand.

Are there any dancers in the house?

by Michelle Leaney with forward by Darlene Zschech

A very helpful guide dealing with dance in the Christian context. Michelle Leaney is Pastor of the Arts at Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia. She leads the extensive dance ministry there and directs Hillsong Performing Arts Academy.

Orders and enquiries to Initiate Media at 


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