Cultural Dance

This is a Network with the intention of drawing together in one place the many cultural dance forms around the world but with each dance form also having is own network.

Already we have a network for South Asian Dance -- and we are looking forward to adding others. If you would like to join the Cultural Dance Network, or represent your own cultural heritage in this network, please contact the Network Coordinator, details below.

As well as each cultural dance form having its own network for connecting, the Cultural Dance Network aims to explore the following related conversations across all dance forms:

  • Appreciating our cultural dance heritage
  • How our cultural dances can be redeemed
  • Integration and renewal
  • Ministering through cultural dance, sharing the Gospel
  • Learning "the rules" and "breaking the rules"
  • Clothing / costume
  • ...and more!

"It is the inclusion of Cultural Dance in the International Dance Fellowship that enriches and enlarges its existence like a beautiful tapestry." Alison Bourke


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Interested? Contact the Network Coordinator:

Alison Bourke | Ireland

Connecting our faith and calling in movement