Men in Dance


A safe space to explore and engage.

We want to engage as dancers with other men, and learn from the openness and experiences of ALL male dancers, regardless of their beliefs or faith-commitment.

Other than being strictly men-only, our Facebook group 'Men in Dance Network' is an equal opportunity platform and forum.

There are no 'visitors' - we want Everyman to own the space and belong.  Each of us is on a journey. We are part of a mystery-play. Our starting points, skills and interests are very different. Our dreams are worth nurturing and protecting.

This 'Men in Dance Network'

  • continues to serve ICDF by being available to the men we meet who are involved in dance.

This 'Men in Dance Network'   

  • is mostly a forum open to connecting with ALL men who identify themselves as dancers, regardless of faith or belief, tribe or culture, age, ability, dance-skills and training, nationality or ethnicity.

We hope these men will be interested in exploring with us some understanding of what men characteristically bring to the dance, what we enjoy, how we learn, and  what can be achieved when men move together... in dance, in integrity of purpose and in friendship.

This is the place for you men!

Some dancers become discouraged when they have to wait forever for opportunities, and feel rejected. Don't wait around like that. Let your dance grow and become stronger. Don't be hemmed in by someone else's lack of vision. That is too small a world for us to inhabit. Grow your gift, and if someday they come looking for you, you'll have a world of experience to draw on. 

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Interested? Contact the Network Coordinator:

Andy Raine | United Kingdom

Connecting our faith and calling in movement