Throughout the year, ICDF releases Newsflashes to keep you updated.

March 2019: The ICDF 'Outer Prayer Shield'

Please consider praying with, and for, ICDF.

January 2019: ICDF Diploma in 2019

'Be rooted, equipped and released' by the ICDF Diploma in Dance Ministry.

May 2018: Prayer Watch

Join us for International Christian Dance Week our Pentecost Prayer Watch 2018:

February 2018: ICDF Networks

Meet two network leaders - one 'stepping up' and the other 'stepping down'.

January 2018:  Invitation to Celebrate 30 Years of ICDF!

We would love you to join us in ICDF's birthday celebrations. Find out how:  

November 2017:  ICDF Diploma in 2018

'Be rooted, equipped and released' by the ICDF Diploma in Dance Ministry.

October 2017:  Website Development - Project Launch Update

Our campaign to improve the ways people can connect with dance and ICDF around the world. 

September 2017: International Christian Dance Week Retrospective

Discover how this year's ICDW was celebrated around the world.

May 2017: International Christian Dance Week

We're looking forward to celebrating International Christian Dance Week! How will you be involved?

March 2017: Website development - project launch

We believe ICDF should be visible, available, relevant. Our website is part of that vision. Read more:

February 2017: Discussion Forum

Join us in conversation on our online discussion forum. Find out more in the newsflash!

January 2017: Call to Action

A call to action for the upcoming 2017 International Christian Dance Week and Prayer Watch (May 26th – June 4th 2017).

November 2016: ICDF Diploma

Read about our Diploma in Dance Ministry, with important dates and contact information.

October 2016: Social Media

Find out about the latest ways to stay in touch with us.

September 2016: ICDF Foundation

All the latest news from the ICDF Foundation.

March 2016: ICDF Conference in Ghana

Discover what's planned for the ICDF Conference in Ghana, 11-15 July 2016.

February 2016: Pioneers of Christian Dance

An invitation to join our survey. Who are the pioneers of Christian dance for you?

Please check back for more updates.

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